Rural Collection

My rural range is a work in progress.  Initially produced in 2001 using earthstone clays and my own glaze recipes, the forms were often linked to create undulating landscapes. Inspiration comes from farmlands, hedgerows and stone walling, fields of fiery orange grasses and the colours in the landscapes I saw as I travelled Northwards towards Penrith.  The atmosphere seemed to change, the air was invigorating.  The rolling clouds cast shadows on the majestic hillsides, sometimes shafts of sunlight peeped through intermittently, revealing the colours of the rainbow.  I love the unpredictability of our English weather!

I am also witness to a wilder more rugged expanse of natural beauty in the bleak and untamed landscapes.  A rushing river winds its way down through a valley whereby nestle copses of knotty trees; their twisted and splayed branches hang low over the riverbanks and wayward streams trickle over rocky ground, the area is rich with flora, fauna and wildlife.