Urban Collection

My Urban Range encompasses Urban Decay, Urban Regeneration and Urban Abstract.

Building Sites.  Exposed tree roots, upturned rocks and stones.  Man-made markings in the earth.  Buckets.  Sand.  Found objects, green glass bottles.  Diggers silhouetted atop mounds of earth as if in conversation.  Wire netting.  Concrete.  Metal rods.  Piled pallets and wire baskets, tied tiers of breeze blocks.  Huge bright orange wiggly pipes covered with blue plastic sheeting, yellow cones and red ‘Danger’ signs.  Black numbered steels and the numbered plots of half-built houses.  Scaffolding, skips, rusty metal hinges, curly peeling paint.  Gigantic wooden spools devoid of cable.  The shapes and patterns of bricks and drain covers.  Reflections, muddy puddles.